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Harvest Report 2020


This amazing harvest, which has recently ended, has been very special and particular due to the advanced ripenning of the grapes and their early harvest. All this, in the context of a dry winter and the consequent decrease in grape yields. We also had to rush the entry of the grapes into the winery before the unwelcome arrival of the famous and harmful virus. Despite the adverse aspects we had to face, we are very happy with the excellent quality of our 2020 vintage wines.

In the Casablanca valley the season began with low rainfall in winter and high incidence of frost in October. During the ripenning period between January and February the valley was affected by high temperatures. All these factors produced a decrease in the yield of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc by 30% compared to a normal year. These climatic conditions favored the excellent health of the vineyard, that together with an early harvest strategy (10 days in advance) and an open canopy management, we could keep a maximum aromatic potential, the best natural freshness and wonderful balance and length in our wines.

The 2020 harvest has suffered a historical decrease in yield of the grapes from our Trinidad vineyard in the Maipo Valley. The harvest date was also ahead compared to a normal year, on average 18 days. During the ripening season in the Maipo Valley there were several high temperature events that, together with a year of drought, produced lower yields than expected in all our red varieties, with Cabernet Sauvignon being the most affected. However, this situation determined that our Merlot, Carmenere, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon wines have reached an extraordinary quality, with dense, deeply colored, richly texture and high concentration. These wines show a wonderful potential.

The harvest in the Colchagua valley was anticipated in approximately two weeks and, despite the high temperatures and little precipitation, the yields were not affected by good irrigation management and an adequate harvest decision. This strategy together with the excellent terroir of our vineyard in Colchagua, allowed us to obtain remarkable red wines of high concentration, very complex, rich, intensely flavoured and with extraordinary length.



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